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Rules for eating and drinking inside the Acropolis

Eating inside the Acropolis

Eating is prohibited within the bounds of the Acropolis to safeguard the area from potential litter and pests which could damage the precious ruins. Tourists are advised to consume any snacks or meals before entering or after leaving the premises. This precaution plays a critical role in the site's conservation efforts.

Drinking inside the Acropolis

Visitors are allowed to bring a refillable bottle of water into the Acropolis. It's advised to stay hydrated, especially during the hot Athens summers. However, ensure you carry only water since other beverages could pose a risk to the site's preservation. Drinking fountains are available in certain areas for visitors to refill their bottles.

Dining with a view of the Acropolis

Rooftop dining experiences

Athens brims with rooftop restaurants that offer a direct link to the city's history and monuments. The Zillers Roof Garden is a prime location where diners can enjoy not only a view of the Parthenon but also signature cocktails and Mediterranean cuisine. Those staying at the New Hotel can visit the Art Lounge, which offers a panoramic Acropolis view from its stylish rooftop. Diners at GB Roof Garden Restaurant & Bar can revel in the sight of the Acropolis under the Athenian sky.

For an unparalleled rooftop bar experience with a scenic backdrop, Hytra Restaurant & Bar is notable for its creative dishes and stylish ambience, while perched on Lycabettus Hill, diners at Orizontes can enjoy a sweeping vista of the city as well as the Acropolis.

Acropolis museum and nearby dining

Adjacent to the monuments of the Acropolis, Makrygianni Street hosts the Acropolis Museum Restaurant, where visitors have the chance to dine with an upfront view of the Acropolis. Not only does this museum restaurant offer a taste of Greek gastronomy, but it also immerses diners in the historic atmosphere of the area.

Just a short stroll away, the historic neighborhood of Plaka also offers quaint eateries set against a backdrop of ancient history. Café Avissinia, located here, provides a menu of traditional Greek flavors complemented by live music and authentic Athenian charm. Moreover, in the vicinity lies Thissio, another area where restaurants such as Thissio View afford diners stunning views of the Acropolis while they enjoy their meal.

Exploring the culinary scene in Athens

Traditional Greek Cuisine near the Acropolis

Just steps away from the iconic Parthenon, visitors can indulge in the rich flavors of traditional Greek cuisine. Authentic Greek restaurants nestle in the winding streets around the Acropolis, where visitors can enjoy a mezze platter, a selection of small dishes such as feta cheese, tzatziki (yogurt-cucumber dip) and dolmades (grape leaves stuffed with rice and herbs). The main courses often feature gyros — succulent slices of meat served in pita bread with sauces and garnishes — or a heartily seasoned lamb souvlaki.

International delights near the Acropolis

While Greek cuisine dominates the scene, the area surrounding the Acropolis also caters to diners seeking international flavors. A short stroll through the historic Plaka district reveals a plethora of dining establishments offering Italian, Mediterranean fusion and even a taste of the East, presenting exquisite Japanese influences. These restaurants typically offer a range of dishes including pasta, burgers, plant-based alternatives and fresh seafood dishes reflecting the Mediterranean's bounty.

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